Brooke Ullery

Office: MSC E416
Email: bullery (at) emory (dot) edu

Curriculum Vitae

I am an assistant professor in the math department at Emory University. I graduated in 2015 from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D. in mathematics. My advisors were Rob Lazarsfeld and Karen Smith. I spent the academic year 2015-16 as an NSF postdoctoral fellow at University of Utah, and 2016-2020 as an NSF postdoctoral fellow and Benjamin Peirce fellow at Harvard. My research interests are mostly in classical algebraic geometry.



I'm on leave this semester (Spring 2023).


For fun

Check out this tool I made to predict the arXiv classification of math papers.


Before graduate school, I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. Prior to that, I went to Saint Paul Central High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota. However, from grades seven through eleven, I took my math classes through UMTYMP (University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program). I enthusiastically endorse UMTYMP, and cannot overstate its impact on me mathematically. Outside of math, I like to boulder and lift weights and spend time with my husband and my toddler.