Elizabeth Newman

Distinguished Visiting Assistant Professor in Scientific Computing
Emory University

Background and Cirriculum Vitae

Tufts University Ph.D. in Mathematics
Haverford College B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics

My CV can be found here.

Research Interests

Multidimensional algebra, numerial linear algebra, machine learning, deep neural networks, optimization

My research focuses primarily on developing deep neural networks (DNNs) for scientific applications. DNNs are remarkably flexible models, applicable to a wide range of applications, and simultaneously are significantly limited by, e.g., computational resources and the data from which they are derived.  In my research, I bring mathematical insight to improve DNN training, to create more reliable DNN models, and to interpret the DNN outputs. 

Prior to my DNN work, my research focused on multidimensional (tensor) linear algebra.  In high-dimensions, standard linear algebra concepts break down and my work focused on developing and using a matrix-mimetic tensor framework for a variety of applications, including image compression and recognition.

Contact Info


Emory University
Department of Mathematics
400 Dowman Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322


Phone (M-F 9AM-5PM)

(404) 727-7580

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