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Becoming Inclusive in Mathematics

A selection of resources to learn about implicit bias and steps to make improvements in mathematics


Implicit Bias

What is implicit bias?  According to [SOURCE], implicit bias is the (un)conscious assumptions we make about others based on preceived race, gender, etc. 

Where does implicit bias exist?  In short, everywhere.  Below are a few resources about the prevelance of implicit bias in academia.

Why Diversity Programs Fail

Implicit Bias in Academia

Race and Gender Bias in Higher Education


What Can We Do?

First and foremost, we must learn about our own implicit biases. We all have them, and we can only overcome these biases by learning what they are. Take the Harvard Implicit Bias Test to find your own biases.

The next step is to address these biases. Consider resources such as the following:

Harvard Implicit Bias Test

Minimizing and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Workplace


Future Work

Research to reduce bias in our algorithms (resources to be posted)