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(how not to teach math)

Course (Number)University RoleSemester
Linear Algebra (MATH221)Emory UniversityPrimary InstructorFall 2020
Linear Algebra (MATH221)Emory UniversityPrimary InstructorSpring 2020
Linear Algebra (MATH221)Emory UniversityPrimary InstructorFall 2019
Numerical Linear Algebra (MATH0128)Tufts UniversityTeaching AssistantSpring 2019
Numerical Analysis (MATH0126)Tufts UniversityTeaching AssistantFall 2019
Calculus III (MATH0042)Tufts UniversityRecitation LeaderSpring 2018
Calculus II (MATH0034)Tufts UniversityRecitation LeaderFall 2017
Calculus II (MATH0034)Tufts UniversityPrimary InstructorSpring 2016
Math of Social Choice (MATH0019)Tufts UniversityTeaching AssistantFall 2015
Analysis II (MATH0136)Tufts UniversityTeaching AssistantSpring 2015
Analysis I (MATH0134)Tufts UniversityTeaching AssistantFall 2014