PhD students Riti Bahl and Chris Keyes host Julia Robinson Math Festival
news Published Date: 2022-09-28
The Julia Robinson Math Festival on August 27, 2022 was a smashing success! Middle and high school students, along with their families, descended on Emory's campus to participate in a wide range of fun mathematics exploration activities led by Emory students and faculty. Thank you to all who attended, and a special thanks to the volunteers who made it happen!
Elizabeth Newman wins best poster prize at the Householder Symposium XXI on Numerical Linear Algebra
news Published Date: 2022-06-21
The Householder Symposium brings together a mix of established and early career researchers in the field of Numerical Linear Algebra. This meeting is the 21st in a series, previously called the Gatlinburg Symposium, but now named in honor of its founder, Alston S. Householder. The meeting includes a very active poster session. Dr. Elizabeth Newman won the best poster prize for her poster titled “Train Like a (Var)Pro: Efficient Training of Neural Networks with Variable Projection.”

Congratulations Liz!

Conference website:
Emory professors challenge students to ‘Move Your Math’ in first-year seminar
news Published Date: 2022-04-27
Students in Dr. Manuela Manetta's "Move Your Math" learn that incorporating movement can help them better understand complicated mathematical concepts — and themselves.

View the full article, written by Emma Yarbrough, here
Irving Martinez Named 3MT® Finalist
news Published Date: 2022-03-29
Congratulations to Irving Martinez, a finalists in the Laney Graduate School 3MT® competition! Irving created a compelling presentation describing his research in less than three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide.

You are invited to watch Irving compete in finals as part of Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Registration is required. You may view the newsletter here.

Congratulations, Irving!
Dr. Bree Ettinger Selected for the Berky Abreu Spirit Award
news Published Date: 2022-02-17
Dr. Ettinger has been selected for the Berky Abreu Spirit Award, which “recognizes a woman in the greater Emory community whose presence has fostered the personal and academic growth of students, faculty, staff people, and/or departments.” For more details, see

Dr. Ettinger will be receiving the award on Thursday, March 3. For more information and to register to participate in person or via streaming, visit:

Congratulations, Bree!
Undergraduate Students Jennifer Zheng and Katie Keegan publish invited article on Watermarking in SIAM News
news Published Date: 2021-11-10
Jennifer Zheng, an Emory undergraduate honors student in computational and applied mathematics, and Katie Keegan, an undergraduate student from Mary Baldwin University (and participant in Emory’s 2021 Summer REU/RET program) published an invited article in SIAM News on watermarking, a mathematical technique to embed identifying ownership information into digital media, such as an image or a musical piece.

For further details, see

SIAM News is the official news journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics that highlights cutting-edge research in applied mathematics and computational science.
Jasmine Camero named Editor-In-Chief of the AMS Graduate Student Blog
news Published Date: 2021-09-29

Emory PhD student Jasmine Camero has been named the editor-in-chief of the AMS Graduate Student Blog.

The AMS Graduate Student Blog is a blog for and by math graduate students. Jasmine says "My vision for the next year is to capture the unique and crucial experiences of graduate students on an academic, professional, social, and personal level." Read more about the blog and about Jasmine's involvement here.

Congratulations Jasmine!
Dr. Talea Mayo models how climate change may affect our coasts
news Published Date: 2020-11-02
Talea Mayo joined the Emory faculty in May of 2020 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics. A computational mathematician, she specializes in developing numerical hydrodynamic models to help predict coastal hazards.

By creating models for storm surge caused by hurricanes, for instance, she is able to investigate the potential impacts of climate change on coastal flood risks. The resulting data may help policymakers and others develop better plans for the safety and resilience of coastal communities.

Among Mayo’s accolades are an Early-Career Research Fellowship from the National Academies of Sciences Gulf Research Program and the Early Career Faculty Innovator Award from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

- Written By Carol Clark
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Terry Ingram Celebrates 20 Years of Service at Emory College of Arts and Science of Emory University
news Published Date: 2020-08-27
The Mathematics Department would like to recognize Terry Ingram, Academic Degree Coordinator (Graduate), on reaching 20 years of service at Emory College of Arts and Science of Emory University. Please join us in congratulating Terry on this significant milestone. Thank you, Terry, for all that you do. We appreciate you immensely!
COVID-19 student math modeling featured on AMS's Youtube channel
news Published Date: 2020-05-11
Department faculty and a students talk with the American Mathematical Society (AMS) about April's math modeling contest for undergraduates and collaborations to model COVID-19. This discussion features Alessandro Veneziani and Manuela Manetta of Emory University, and Alex Viguerie and Isabelle Atcha of University of Pavia, Italy.

Watch the full video: