• [Mar-2024] Student Wenxuan Cai defended honor thesis. Congrats!

  • [Mar-2024] New preprint titled "Anderson Acceleration with Truncated Gram-Schmidt".

  • [Mar-2024] We are orgnizing a minisymposium, "Preconditioning for Kernel Matrices," at SIAM MDS24.

  • [Feb-2024] We are orgnizing a minisymposium, "Preconditioning Method for Gaussian Process," at Preconditioning 2024.

  • [Nov-2023] Give a talk at the Conference on Fast Direct Solvers 2023.

  • [Aug-2023] Excited to join Professor Yuanzhe Xi's group at Emory University as a postdoc fellow.

  • [Jul-2023] Defended my Ph.D. dissertation titled "Parallel Schur Complement Algorithms for the Solution of Sparse Linear Systems and Eigenvalue Problems"

  • [Apr-2023] New preprint titled "An Adaptive Factorized Nyström Preconditioner for Regularized Kernel Matrices".