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MATH 362: Mathematical Statistics II (section 3425)

2020 Spring, Emory University

Instructor: Dr. Le Chen
Office: Math & Science Center - E431
Office Hours: TuTh 10:00am-11:30am or by appointment.
Classroom New Psyc Bldg 290
Class Meeting Times: TuTh, 8:30am-9:45am
Time period: Jan. 14, 2020 (first lecture) --- Apr. 23, 2020 (last class meeting)

Course Description: Math 362 is the second course of a two semester sequence. Math 361 focuses on mathematical probability, while 362 focuses on statistics. We will introduce and use the R language throughout the semester. Here is a tutorial of R programming, 28 lessons: R Tutorial for Beginners
Textbook: Richard J. Larsen and Morris L. Marx, An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Application, Sixth Edition, by Prientice Hall.
Coverage: We will cover most of the following chapters Prerequisite: Math 361.
References: Here are a list of references that I have been using for preparing this class:

Note: The syllabus was created in Oct. 2019, and it is subject to changes during the semester.
Gradescope: We will be using Gradescope ( this term, which allows us to provide fast and accurate feedback on your work. Homework will be submitted through Gradescope, and homework and exam grades will be returned through Gradescope. As soon as grades are posted, you will be notified immediately so that you can log in and see your feedback. Your Gradescope login is your university email, and your password can be changed there. The same link can be used if you need to set your password for the first time. If you have any questions regarding Gradescope, please send your message to
Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly on both Gradescope and Canvas. Attendence: You are expected to attend class regularly. You are responsible for all the materials presented and all the announcements made, if any, at each lecture.
Tests and Final: There will be two tests and one comprehensive final exam. Failure to take an exam during the scheduled class time will result in a score of zero for that exam. There will be no make-up exam except for well-documented reasons such as a medical emergency. Student with disabilities: If you have a disability and would like to request accommodations, please see me to discuss arrangements.
Calculators, laptops, tablets, phones: You may use a calculator such as a TI-83 Plus for doing calculations on the homework. However, calculators are not allowed on the midterms. All cellphones, PDAs, laptops, and any other devices with internet, phone or messaging capabilities must be turned off and put away at the beginning of each class. Laptops, tablets, and cell phones are only permitted when the devices are being required for an activity in class.
Honor Code: The Emory College Honor Code applies to all work in this class, including homework, the project, midterms and the final exam. See here for more information.
Grading Policy: There will be Homework (20% 30%), two tests (25%+25%) one test (30%) and the final exam (30% 40%). Histogram for the first midterm test
Homework assignment: This section will be updated throughout this semester. Please refer this section for the actual assignments.
Tentative schedule: Below is a week-by-week listing of the topics to be covered in class. Please note that this schedule is tentative. It may be necessary to make changes to the topics.
Tuesday Thursday
Jan. 14
§5.2: Estimating parameters, MLE and MME.
Slides, R Codes
Jan. 16
§5.4: Properties of Estimator.
Slides, Homework-1.
Jan. 21.
§5.5: Minimum-Variance Estimator.
HW1 due (postponed to Friday, Jan. 24th).
Jan. 23.
§5.3: Interval Estimation.
Slides R Codes Homework-2.
Jan. 28
§5.6: Sufficient Estimators.
§5.7: Consistency.
HW2 due.
Jan. 30
§5.8: Bayesian Estimation.
Beta prior codes
Gamma prior codes
Feb. 4
HW3 due
Feb. 6
Codes for Example 6.4.3
Codes for plotting type I and II errors
Feb. 11
HW4 due.
Reviewing class.
Feb. 13
First Midterm test.
Feb. 18
Feb. 20
§7.1 -- §7.3
Feb. 25
HW5 due.
Feb. 27
§7.4, 7.5
Mar. 3
HW6 due.
Mar. 5
Mar. 10
Spring break.
Mar. 12
Spring break.
Mar. 17
Extended spring break
Mar. 19
Extended spring break
Mar. 24
HW7 due.
Mar. 26
Mar. 31
Apr. 2
Apr. 7
HW8 due.
Apr. 9
Apr. 14
HW9 due.
Apr. 16
Apr. 21
HW10 due.
Apr. 23
Last class meeting.
Apr. 28
HW11 due.
Apr. 30
no class.

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